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How to Launch, Grow and Run a Successful EH&S Consulting Practice
Are you working as an independent consultant? Maybe you’re thinking about launching your own Environmental, Health and Safety practice? Are you nearing retirement and want to stay busy and share your expertise? Or perhaps you’ve been downsized (or see it coming) and you want to get out of the corporate lifestyle and launch your own consulting company? If this describes you, then you must attend this one-day class dedicated to launching and growing your small, independent EH&S consulting business. Avoid early pitfalls of startup and ensure growth that will push your income well past the six-figure mark. Here’s the problem with most independent consultants: You have a ton of valuable EH&S experience, perhaps you’re a great trainer. So, you decide to start up a consulting practice. But soon you realize, the work comes in very slowly. Quickly the realization sets in: You need to be technically sound in EH&S matters, but equally important, you need to be able to market your services and close deals. Like it or not, if you can’t effectively and consistently create work for your practice, you’ll quickly die on the vine and go back to working for a corporate employer (and who wants that). You’ll also realize that its very competitive out there for independent consultants. Amateur consultants are conducting training for $250 a day, not to mention those clients who are choosing cheap online training over your onsite, live training. What’s an independent consultant to do? We’ll this one-day class will start with all aspects of startup including how to make your practice legal and protect yourself and your personal assets. We’ll discuss how to determine your fees, how to setup a website, and most importantly, how to market your services to ensure that you stay in business and that you reach the income level that you desire. We’ll even provide a step-by-step plan to pass the six-figure mark within three years of launching your business (often sooner).  

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Our class will leave you with invaluable knowledge on consulting and business. You’ll have a roadmap to achieve your goals.

What will you learn in this one-day class?

We’ll cover the following key points (and many more)
  • How to Make it Legal: Legal Incorporation
  • What About Liability Insurance?
  • How to Determine Your Fees
  • Turn Your Website Into a 24/7 Client Attracting Machine
  • Use Social Media to Generate Business Every Day
  • Learn the Art of Generating Business (We Study Two Million Dollar Consultants)
  • Developing Your “Elevator Speech”
  • Differentiating Your Work From the Cheap “Commodity” Consultant
  • Writing a Book: Myths and Realities
  • Legal Protection Via a Consulting Contract
You’ll love each of these topics and they will help you generate a sustainable business, but our students agree, the best and most helpful part of this training is the discussion of the EH&S “Sales Funnel”. In fact, we show you thirty ways you can generate business, stay busy and quickly reach six-figures in income. We’re so excited to share these ideas with you, that you can download a free white-page that discusses some of the ideas presented in class!  

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The infographic will uncover 30 unique ways to generate business for your EH&S consulting practice. To learn how to implement these business ideas, be sure to register for the class.
By attending this class you’ll gain valuable ideas that will help you launch and grow your EH&S business into a sustainable business venture. It’s a must-attend for anyone wishing to start or grow their business without the steep learning curve! Attendees will receive a 100-page workbook and you’ll receive a copy of our latest book entitled: Surviving the OSHA Audit – Common Sense Solutions to Your Most Feared OSHA Compliance Issues. NOTE: There’s a reason we’re including a free copy of this book – but you’ll have to attend class to learn why!  

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FAIR WARNING: Because of the nature of these classes, we can only accept a limited number of participants and we’re only visiting a few cities. If this information sounds appealing to you, why not join us and discover how to launch, grow and run a successful EH&S consulting practice!