Surviving the OSHA Audit

Learn all the skills and strategies for encountering an OSHA Audit

IMAGINE FOR A MOMENT IT’S MONDAY MORNING. You’ve just arrived to work and you’re enjoying your first cup of coffee. Unexpectedly, you receive a call from the receptionist. OSHA has just arrived and they’d like to meet you to discuss a safety complaint they’ve received from an employee.


So, what should you expect during the OSHA visit? What questions should you ask and perhaps more importantly, what should you avoid? What will OSHA want to see during their visit? Will they ask you for paperwork? Do you have that paperwork?

You feel your blood pressure begin to rise and a bead of sweat suddenly appears on your brow.

Within this book, respected OSHA consultant, David A. Casavant takes you behind the curtain and reveals exactly what happens during an OSHA inspection, rules for behavior during the audit and perhaps more importantly, what you can do now to comply with the often-complicated OSHA regulations.

This essential guide simplifies complex regulatory law, provides commonsense strategies for compliance and should be included in every safety professional, risk manager, or attorney’s toolbox.


Surviving the OSHA Audit

In this book, you’ll learn about:

  • Rights and Responsibilities under OSHA Law
  • How to Make the Business Case for Safety and Health
  • The Regulatory Nomenclature
  • How OSHA Standards Are Developed
  • How to Appeal an OSHA Standard
  • Understanding the General Duty Clause
  • What to Expect during the OSHA Visit
  • Three Phases of an OSHA Audit
  • Classification of Fines and Citations
  • How to Win the Informal Conference
  • How OSHA Determines Your Fine Amount
  • How OSHA Calculates Penalty Adjustments (Both Up and Down)
  • Negotiation Strategies to Reduce (or Eliminate) Your Citations and Fines
  • Understanding Affirmative Defenses and Unpreventable Employee Misconduct
  • Using the Isolated Event Defense and Burden of Proof
  • How to Show Good Faith and Due Diligence as a Strategy
  • Weak Excuses That You Should Avoid
  • How OSHA Views Your Responsibility to Temporary Workers
  • How to Develop the Job Hazard Analysis (JHA)
  • Establishing an Injury and Illness Prevention Program
  • How Does OSHA View Safety Incentive Programs
  • Safety as a Profit Center
  • How to Benchmark Your Way to a Safer Workplace
  • Understanding OSHA Injury and Illness Recordkeeping
  • Establishing and Reaching Health-and-Safety-Related Goals
  • Helpful Compliance Programs and Specialists
  • How to Become an Authorized OSHA Trainer
  • Plus, much more. . .

Plus, we’ll uncover valuable OSHA compliance research tools including:

  • General Duty Citation Database
  • OSHA Frequently Cited Standards Database
  • Fatality and Catastrophe Summaries
  • Industry Profile for OSHA Standards
  • Research Your Company OSHA History
  • National Emphasis Program and Local Emphasis Program Database
  • Safety and Health Information Bulletins
  • Incidence Rate Calculator and Comparison Tool
  • DART and Incidence Rate Database
  • $afety Pays Research Tool

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David A. Casavant, CFM is the President of the Carlyle Consulting Group, a consulting firm based in Lake Worth, Florida.

The Carlyle Consulting group focuses on regulatory compliance and emergency preparedness in both the public and private sectors.

Regular speaker at World Workplace, NeoCon, National Facility Management & Technology (NFM&T) Conference and other International conferences.

Regular contributing writer for IFMA’s Facility Management Journal, Buildings magazine, Homeland Defense Journal, Building Operating Management magazine. Business and Legal Reports and others.

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