OSHA Compliance Needs Analysis

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Please Choose True or False for Each Question

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   We have a comprehensive corporate "Health & Safety Policy" manual plan in place

   We are familiar with local, State & Federal regulations and we abide by them

   We display the Federal "It's the Law" poster (or state equivalent) in a conspicuous place

   We have developed a comprehensive written safety inspection process

   We conduct written safety inspections on a regular basis (monthly?)

   We keep all OSHA records for a minimum of five years

   We keep records of employee injuries and illnesses using OSHA Forms 300, 300A and 301

  During February through April we display the OSHA Form 300A in a conspicuous place

   Annually we review our records, training, inspections and safety policies to make improvements

   We keep medical exposure records for 30 years + the duration of employment of the exposed employee

   We have current MSDS for all chemicals onsite

   We keep a chemical inventory list of all MSDS for 30 years

   We have completed a written job hazard analysis for all positions in our organization

   We conduct comprehensive training based on the employees exposure to workplace hazards

   We have developed a corporate policy for workplace violence and threats

   We have conducted an emergency evacuation drill within the last six months

   We have developed a floor plan that identifies emergency related features

   We have trained specific employees as floor captains (evacuation aids)


Rank the Following OSHA Compliance Issues:
(1 represents a "great challenge", 5 represents "not a challenge for my organization")

     Lack of management support

     Lack of employee support

     Lack of direction (I don't know what I'm supposed to do)

     I don't understand local, State and Federal government requirements

     I have no idea of what a Health & Safety Policy manual should look like

     Insufficient budget

     Not enough time (To many other responsibilities)

As a thank you for completing this questionnaire, we'd like to forward a

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Part 1 - Why did I receive a letter from

OSHA and what does it mean?


Part 2 - What should I expect when OSHA arrives?


Part 3 - How we can help your organization get

off OSHA's list and survive an audit.


In addition, a special report:

"Top 10 OSHA Mistakes and How to Avoid Them."

and also included, a worksheet for determining your DART rate.


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