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Downloadable Articles & Tools:


Demo Video for OSHA Compliance Suite by Regsoft

Emergency Planning & Recovery

Emergency Planning Essentials

Workplace Violence (with sample plan & PowerPoint)

OSHA Compliance & Safety

2002 - 2003 OSHA Recordkeeping Forms 

 (includes 300, 300A & 301 with instructions)


2004 OSHA Recordkeeping Forms (.pdf)


2004 OSHA Recordkeeping Forms (Excel Format)

Federal OSHA Safety Poster (Form 3165)

Should You Have Your Air Ducts Cleaned (From the EPA)

Mitigating Indoor Air Quality White Page

Health Care Facilities – Easy Steps to Compliance

Is the Employer Required to Pay for the Employees PPE?

OSHA "How to" Articles

Making a Business Case for Safety

Current OSHA Enforcement Trends

Do You Need an Emergency Eyewash Station

How to Conduct a Job Hazard Analysis (includes sample JHA)

Am I Responsible for my Contractors & Vendors

Establishing & Reaching Health and Safety Goals

OSHA Letters of Interpretation

OSHA Letter of Interpretation - Prescription Medicine

OSHA Letter of Interpretation - Respirators

What Does OSHA Say About First Aid Kits?



What Does OSHA Say About Using Contractors?

7 Case Interpretation on OSHA Recordkeeping

MSDS Responsibilities in a Health Care Environment

Forklift Operators with Vision Impairment

Recorded Tele-conferences

The OSHA Advisor Answers Your Questions – Live Teleconference: November 2005


Emergency Planning Tele-conference


OSHA Recordkeeping Tele-conference


Examples of OSHA Fines

OSHA Citation - Example 1


OSHA Citation - Example 2

Funny Pictures & OSHA Violations

“Funny Picture of the Month”


OSHA Injury & Illness Incidence & DART Rates

Injury & Illness Rate Calculator


Understanding Incidence rates and DART rates


How to benchmark your organizations rates


BLS I&I Calculator


2004 BLS Industry Average


2005 BLS Industry Average


2006 BLS Industry Average


2007 BLS Industry Average


2008 BLS Industry Average


2009 BLS Industry Average



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