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Did you know that:

Recording too many injuries could trigger an OSHA audit?

Inaccurate recording may result in an OSHA citation & fine?

OSHA recordables are not the same as compensable workers compensation cases?

Using the wrong revision of the OSHA Forms could result in a citation and fine?


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Do Your Need Help With Your OSHA Injury & Illness Recordkeeping Forms?

Each week the OSHA Advisor gets dozens of emails and phone calls from clients who have specific questions about OSHA Injury & Illness Recordables. It seems this is one area that causes the most confusion for our clients.


We've always offered phone consultations for clients so these questions can be answered in a timely manner; however we've never offered this to our newsletter subscribers.


At the suggestion of a number of our subscribers to this e-newsletter, we have decided to offer our subscribers the opportunity to contact our office throughout 2007 with any OSHA injury & illness related question and we will answer your questions.


Our consultants will be available via email and phone to walk you through any of the OSHA recordkeeping problems you may have.


Here's what's included for each of our participants:

•           Injury & Illness Tele-conference in January

•           SIC & NAICS determination

•           DART and Incidence rate calculations for your company

•           Personal review of your 2006 OSHA 300 logs

•           Personal review of your 2007 OSHA 300A (for year 2006)

•           Telephone / email consultations during the year for your injury & illness questions.

•           BLS document review


This service is being offered for a one time price of $195 for the entire year.


We'll kick off the year with a one hour tele-conference in January and help you meet the OSHA requirements for posting of the 300A starting in February.


We are limiting this offering to twenty organizations and preference will go to small businesses (250 or fewer employees).



To see if your organization qualifies for this program simply take this no obligation survey:


Your Name

Email Address

Phone (include area code)
Company Name
Address (street / zip / State)
How many Employees
How many locations

What is your "SIC"

(Enter "?" if you don't know)

What is your "NAICS"

(Enter "?" if you don't know)

Have you been audited by OSHA in the last three years?

Have you been surveyed by the BLS in the last three years?

Do you have a written Accident Reporting and Investigation Program?

Do you have five years of your OSHA Forms 300 / 300A and 301?

Do you know your DART rate?
Do you know your Incidence rate?

Have you compared your company DART to the national benchmark for your industry?

Are you interested in participating in this Recordkeeping service with the OSHA Advisor?











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